New successful application of ENY-Mobility GmbH nanomaterials. The ENY-Mobility team set itself the task of developing a supercapacitor with increased electrical and economic efficiency. The product was conceived as a capacitor with increased safety of use and environmental benefits up to free recycling. To increase chemical stability and ENY-Mobility nanomaterials were used in product development to improve power performance The team's task was to meet environmental and economic criteria when using nanomaterials. Now we are ready to offer you a product ready for serial production:

Modern Mobility promises great demand for capacitors in the near future. Especially this trend will be observed in E-Mobility. Areas of use:

.In regenerative brake system to improve efficiency
.Smart energy management for smoothing peacs in solar installations and wind generators
.In electric gas stations
.Infrastructure at construction sites, when regulating traffic and lighting of pedestrian crossings, a power supply of information screens, etc.

In the future, the industry will increase the demand for smoothing peak loads, emergency power supply, etc.


Nominal Capacitance 250,2 F
Capacitance Tolerance 0% / +10%
Rated Voltage 64,8 V
Surge Voltage 66,7 V
Maximum Continuous Current (ΔT=15℃) 480 А
Maximum Continuous Current (ΔT=40℃) 540 А
Maximum Peak Current, 1 sec. 3176 А
Weight 29 kg
Operating Temperature Range -30℃ to +50℃
Storage Temperature Range -30℃ to +60℃
Environment Humidity ≤90%RH
Life time
High Temperature 1,000 hours
Room Temperature 7 years
Cycle Life
Capacitance Change (≤30% decrease from initial measured value) 960.000
Shelf Life
(25℃, uncharged) 3 years


Bei der modernen Mobilität der Zukunft wird es einen ständig steigenden Bedarf an Kondensatoren geben.


E - Autos zur Gewinnung der Bremsenergie

Solar- und Windkraftanlagen zum Ausgleich der Spannungssprünge

Den elektrischen Tankstellen

Infrastruktur bei Baustellen, Verkehrsmeldungen, der Beleuchtung der Fußgängerzone, der Einspeisung von Bildschirmen u. a.

In der Industrie zum Ausgleich von Spitzenbelastung, Noteinspeisung u. a.

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