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    New successful application of ENY-Mobility GmbH nanomaterials. The ENY-Mobility team set itself the task of developing a supercapacitor with increased electrical and economic efficiency.

    Contact Person Dr. Evgenii Zelikov

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    Conductive Coating

    ENY-Mobility invests in an E-Mobility product. The latest developments will be carried out in conjunction with leading experts in the field of 2D-Materials.

    Gemeinsam mit führenden Experten der Thematik 2D-Materialien startet ENY-Mobility eine neue Entwicklung.

    Contact Person Dr. Nikolay Podgaynyy

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    Fuel Cell

    ENY-Mobility aims to develop a new generation of catalysts for use in fuel cells.

    Contact Person Indira Khairullina

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    Coating technology, tribology, surface technology

    The effect of coatings on an entire component or system is often underestimated. However, coatings take on a large share of the responsibility for key characteristics such as efficiency, productivity, CO2 reduction, and overall system life.

    Contact Person Yasmin Schmidt

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