FC-Catalyst ENYrgy Pt/C

ENY-Mobility GmbH presents an excellent product for E-Mobility applications.
ENYrgy is a high-performance Pt/C catalyst with maximum active surface area. ENYrgy consists of various concentrations of platinum catalyst on the surface of high purity carbon with extremely high catalytic properties for use in a fuel cell. Due to its nanocrystalline grain size and good distribution in the material, Pt/C-ENYrgy has very high energy parameters for use in fuel cells. Cyclic Voltammetry shows the efficiency of hydrogen and oxygen evolution at the electrode, based on the mass of platinum.

ENYrgy catalyst shows the best performance compared to similar products from other manufacturers. The special formulation makes the use of catalysts in PEM-FuelCell (PEMFC), Direct-methanol fuel cells (DMFCs), Gas diffusion electrode, gas detector especially compact and highly efficient.


Thanks to our expertise in electrochemistry, coating technology and noble metal catalysts, ENY-Mobility effectively uses ENYrgy catalysts in Proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) to achieve high CO-tolerance.
The use of ENYrgy Pt/C in PEM FC can increase system efficiency up to 70% and energy up to 1 kW/kg.

Experiments show that the use of Pt/C Platin on high-performance carbon increases the system efficiency by 10 to 15% compared to other similar catalyst suppliers.

Delivery is possible in each amount from 1g till 5 kg. We offer our customers the following types of FC-Catalyst ENYrgy Pt/C:

Produkt Form Hilfe Manager
ENYrgy 20 Wt. 20% Pt auf Kohlenstoff Inquire now
ENYrgy 30 Wt. 30% Pt auf Kohlenstoff Inquire now
ENYrgy 40 Wt. 40% Pt auf Kohlenstoff Inquire now
ENYrgy 60 Wt. 60% Pt auf Kohlenstoff Inquire now